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Hi! My name is Paulo Jerônimo.

About this website (click to details)…​

It is a straightforward website, almost entirely text-based and written in AsciiDoc format), Bash and a few scripts in JavaScript. These are the programming languages that I am currently using most of my time. Here is the code of this site if you are interested in it.

Note that in the icons above you can see links to all my blog posts ( ), code ( ), articles, and tutorials ( ), that I’ve written.

I am a Software Developer/ Technical Leader

I have over three decades (since 1993) of working experience in several technologies in the corporate market, from startups to big companies.

My Git repositories, Slides, Blog Posts, Articles, Tutorials, Wikis, Videos, and Running Applications are centralized on one single page. Open it through this button:

Do you need my help with your projects?

Right now, I am open to job opportunities. My résumés (CVs):

I can work full or part-time.

Do you want buy my ebooks?

These are the ebooks that I am currently developing (the real names of them aren’t already defined):

  1. The Phi Treadmill Training Plan App (TPTTPA).
    A full-stack wellness project to show you the integrated used of some modern technologies.
    Main techs: Python, TypeScript, AWS.

  2. Bash Tips.

  3. Programming The Fibonacci Sequence.

I founded the project Finisher.Tech, focusing on Blockchain/ Web3 development …​

Finisher.Tech started with my entrepreneurial spirit in the wellness area and was a project, but it is now the name of my Brazilian company.

With my current focus on Blockchain and Web3 development, I’m inviting people (from all places of the world) to work with me in a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) that I initiated with the name Finishers.DAO. This DAO is focused on developing Web3 software for the wellness area in a category called Move-To-Earn. Beyond this focus, by inviting people to join me in this DAO, one of my interests is to share knowledge while improving programming skills for the new Web era.

Currently, I live in Brazil with my wife …​

We got married in 1997 and now have two adults child (a married daughter and a son). My home is in Brasília, but I also spend many weeks of the year in Rio de Janeiro because my son lives there.

I’m an Amateur Triathlete (3x Ironman) …​

... practicing sports daily to get more healthy and quality life.
You can read my history in Ironman races (only in Brazilian Portuguese now) and other related links.
After a stop in my workouts, today, I’m a → 15 km running challenger ← (read more about this).