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Hi! My name is Paulo Jerônimo. Welcome to my very very simple website (almost completely text-based and written in AsciiDoc format).

I work as a Software Architect/ Developer and, sometimes, as a DevOps guy. I am always working with security in mind. I have some skills and many years of experience developing software (since 1993).

Currently, I live in Brazil and in addition to my work as a software developer,
I also founded and maintain a project named Finisher.Tech.

I’m an amateur triathlete practicing sports daily to get more healthy and life quality.
I have finished three (3) Ironman races.

Here are some things that I coded (or wrote):

You can see much more on my GitHub account or in my cv.
  1. pt-br: Responsabilidades de equipes no desenvolvimento de aplicativos integrados ao Keycloak

  2. Termux presentation

  3. Keycloak Matrix

  4. Create React App (with Docker and Parcel) Tutorial

  5. Keycloak labs

  6. Git labs

  7. Development Box

  8. spring-boot-api-sample

  9. java-enums-generator

  10. keycloak-spring-boot-tutorial