Some labs demonstrating Git, GitHub or GitLab features or solutions.

Currently, these labs are written in shell script, by trying to apply TDD in Bash and using command-line tools available in macOS and Linux distributions like Git (of course), sed, awk, rsync, yq, etc.

This is an open source project (MIT License).

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To run a lab, type:

./ --run [lab]number[.sh]
  1. In the command above, you can use the entire lab name or only its number (Base58 format).

  2. If you append the -x parameter you will see a detailed execution.

Available labs:

  1. Publish a GitHub Pages branch (gh-pages) with the HTML content of this repo.

    1. Created in 2020-07-07T21:23:14-03:00

  2. A variant of producing a more detailed log (read more).

    1. Created in 2020-06-20T12:37:13-03:00

  3. Testing git merge --squash.

    1. Created in 2020-06-20T12:37:13-03:00