1. Fork this repo. Read about forking, if necessary.

  2. Name your lab as "lab<3 digits in Base58".sh.

    1. The first digit will identify you (the contributor).

    2. Increment the last two digits as you add more labs.

  3. Inside your script, describe the purpose of it by writing its second line using the AsciiDoc syntax.

    1. This line should have the format "Purpose: <description>" as in the following example (extracted from ../lab111.sh). Please, write a description in a resumed way.

      # Purpose: Testing `git merge --squash`.
    2. Observe other lab validation rules in order to have your lab accepted into this project.

  4. Commit the lab???.sh script inside your fork.

  5. Generate the ../README.adoc file by typing: ./build.sh --html.

    1. If you have asciidoctor installed, this argument --html will also generate a index.html file. In this case, you can also use the argument --serve to start a ruby httpd locally and access http://localhost:8000 to see its content:

      $ ./build.sh --html --serve
      The ruby httpd server will be running in background.
      To terminate it, type: kill $(cat httpd.pid).
  6. Make a pull request.