The root reason for existence for this project is to help programmers to improve their skills in three (3) main areas:

This project consolidates all of these skills by creating a final goal: produce labs that demonstrate Git, GitHub, or GitLab features or solutions.

Create shell scripts with Bash

Bash is one of the best shell script languages of the world.

This project is entirely written in Bash and we’ll help you to develop better solutions by using it.

Many scripts developed here have a set of references embedded in it to give you more information about some solutions.

Use command-line tools

Write better documentation

This project will help you to document things better!

We think that documents and source code needs to be improved at the same time. So, we use the asciidoc format to evolve our documents!

We write documents even before we developed our code. And when we develop the code, we either evolve our documents at the same time or we do it right afterward to keep them from lagging.

In fact, we use documents to guide us in producing a code or we use code to generate documents. We do not believe that code and document should be treated differently.